Green Transportation provides services between Michigan and eleven western states.


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Our transportation services make sure your product arrives safely and on time.

Temperature Control Service

Our refrigerated trailers are equipped with late model Carrier Transicold units that are TRU compliant.  We accept shipments with temperature control requirements from 0 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Blanket Wrap

Our Blanket Wrap transportation service is Green.  Unnecessary packaging materials are adding to our landfills and wasting energy.  By switching to re-usable blankets to protect your product, you could save on packaging costs while improving sustainability.

Expedited Service

Many expedited shipments do not use the full capacity of the trailer.  When the need arises, please give us a call.  We often can add freight to your shipment while still meeting or exceeding your delivery requirements.  Our team drivers offer superior expedited service to the West Coast.

Optimized Truckload


Un-optimized Truckload


Truckload Optimization

If you have shipments that use more than 35 feet of trailer space, but do not utilize the full weight or cube capacity of a trailer, this option could be for you.  Many types of freight can be reconfigured at our transportation services center to reduce the amount of space required on a trailer.  Some shipments may not need reconfiguration, but could be optimized by adding additional freight to the load.  If your shipments qualify, you will save money while helping to reduce the number of trucks on our roadways.

How does this service work?

If your shipment qualifies, we will pick up your freight and bring it to our service center for optimization.  If necessary, our professional freight handlers will unload, reconfigure and reload your shipment to make optimal use of the trailer’s capacity.  If there is at least 8 feet of trailer space left, or at least 10,000 pounds of trailer capacity available for additional freight, you would receive up to a 10% discount off the truckload rate and the fuel surcharge.

Which types of products is this service designed for?

Manufacturers and distributors who have shipments comprised of multiple products of varying sizes and shapes can usually take advantage of freight reconfiguration.  Often, the manufacturing process prohibits packaging products correctly for the optimum utilization of the cube space of a trailer.  Shippers of temperature controlled and blanket wrapped products can take advantage of the available savings as well.

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