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My featured image is of a truck load from Michigan to California. If you look closely, you will be able to see that there is only one pallet of product. It was routed this way by one of the largest tech companies in the US. Some might say this is a rare occurrence. However, I can guarantee this happens at an alarming rate, with all types of products. The results of this are not positive. As a trucking company owner, I face the same dilemmas as every other owner: the lack of drivers, and more importantly, well-trained, professional driver recruits. This condition will not improve, as fewer people are entering the workforce as CDL truck drivers, especially long-haul drivers.

Partial truck loads are directly impacting the industry’s current driver shortage. The lack of utilizing the existing driver force to its full extent creates the need for more drivers. Transportation industry workers may be of the opinion that “the more loads, the merrier” because this increases rates. I say we need to be motivated to find ways of moving more product with fewer trucks while increasing the on board revenue.

Green Transportation does not accept partial loads, but offers shippers the service of optimizing their freight. The result for the customer is savings, as optimized shipments will cost less than a full truckload. We then fill the remaining trailer space with LTL freight. There is no loss of service nor delays. We have “recycled the air” or room left on the trailer, benefiting both the shipper and the carrier. The environment benefits from fewer emissions. Traffic congestion is reduced so roads receive less wear and tear. Less traffic means fewer chances of accidents: lower insurance costs, etc.

As I stated earlier, there is nothing creative nor positive that results from partial truck loads. I will continue posting to address this industry-wide problem.

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