Since 2006, Green Transportation has been driving the transportation industry toward a higher standard of sustainability through innovative shipping methods, open communication and excellent workplace safety.

By almost any measure, starting a trucking company or buying a new truck as an owner-operator during 2006 had the potential to become a financial disaster once the Great Recession hit. To compound the situation for Green Transportation headquartered in Holland Michigan, the state’s economy plummeted faster and deeper than those of many others.

The story of Green Transportation’s survival and transition to a thriving, well-oiled machine is worth telling for both drivers and company owners alike. The shrinking post-recession labor pool, stagnant economic growth, and increasing driver shortage posed other challenges that continue to be a drag on the industry.

Drawing upon his deep roots in the trucking industry dating back to his father’s life-long career, founder and CEO Mike Dargis identified a need for a more efficient transportation approach to servicing 6 western states, Texas and Florida. In cooperation with a premium LTL carrier, Dargis set out to provide Michigan manufacturers and distributors with better outbound service at a lower cost than anyone else. Green Transportation now serves 38 states on backhauls and handles a wide variety of loads.

Green Transportation’s mission of providing a higher standard of service begins with the Road Pilots®. To help fill the need of qualified drivers, Dargis started a driver finishing school in 2009. Recruitment includes leading CDL schools, drivers from other companies and prospects from outside the industry. What they find is a program that Dargis believes to be unique in the industry. Standards are set high in order to give Green Transportation’s customers the best possible service, while also providing the Road Pilots® with great compensation, benefits, and perks for maintaining those standards.

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