Truck Drivers: Keeping the Economy Rolling

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When people think about all of the important aspects that keep our economy afloat, truck drivers aren’t always mentioned. However, these hard-working individuals are some of the most vital members contributing to our economic success.  With the prominence of ecommerce and the growing presence of Alexa and Google Home, on-demand ordering has increased, and just-in-time deliveries have become more and more important. The downside to these advances in technology is that the number of truck drivers is simultaneously decreasing, causing capacity issues and putting a heavier workload on the truckers that are still currently active.

Considering these challenges in the marketplace, it is highly impressive that the drivers in today’s workforce are able to keep up with the demands and perform at elite service levels. Customers, whether large commercial warehouses waiting on thousands of pallets or individuals expecting a single package, have increasingly heightened expectations. The amount of waiting time they consider acceptable has decreased, meaning that today’s drivers are under more pressure than ever before to perform. The admirable part is that they are performing better than ever despite the fact that the deck seems stacked against them in many cases.

Without these drivers continually moving our products across the nation, the economy would come to a standstill. Home deliveries would falter, and important packages would be left thousands of miles from their destinations. Entire cities would suffer from a lack of food, water, gas, and other materials needed to maintain their roads and buildings. Fortunately, thanks to the labor force of industrious truck drivers pulling both their weight and ours, the economy continues to roll on and our cities continue to thrive. These highway heroes have done a commendable job of contributing to the country’s success while remaining humble and always ready to get back to work. They deserve all of the respect that we can possibly give them.  To learn more about a company that respects their drivers, visit Drive4Green today!

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