Road Pilots: Heroes of the Highway

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For years, the hard-working individuals who drove across the country to deliver our freight on a daily basis were some of the most respected laborers in the workforce. Truck drivers were seen as rugged individualists who were carrying out a task that required grit, talent, and determination. Somewhere along the line, this began to change, and the heroic image of drivers started to falter. Deregulation meant that there were more trucks on the road, and negative stories in the media drove widespread but erroneous conceptions about truckers. As is true in any industry, there are individuals in the trucking community that are unprofessional, but the fact is that the majority are dedicated workers who give it their all day in and day out.

At Green Transportation, we want to restore the respected, heroic image of truck drivers across the nation. We know that years of training and hours of hard work go into the job every single day. We also know that drivers combat more external factors on a daily basis than most of us see in a month. This is why we call them Road Pilots. Much like an airline pilot, they are in charge of a large, fascinating machine that requires a combination of power, finesse, and talent to drive effectively. Pilots are highly respected in our society, and we believe that truck drivers deserve the same level of appreciation. Without their willingness to work the long hours and travel through harsh conditions, commerce and trade in our country would be at a stand-still.

With the economy currently booming and just-in-time delivery becoming more and more necessary due to e-commerce, there will only be more of a need for truck drivers as time goes on. It is our mission to bring the glory back to this noble profession and give drivers the respect that they deserve. We strongly believe that the tides are already beginning to turn, and we will continue to foster a positive and supportive environment for truck drivers. Learn more about our culture at Drive4Green

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